Thursday, October 02, 2008

Google SMS Channel - Trafficspot

Google India Labs has recently launched a new service called SMS Channel. This service provides free SMS messages within a group. I have created a new SMS group called TrafficSpot. I would like everybody to join this group. Using this service one can get the latest traffic updates in your city. To subscribe use your mobile and type "ON trafficspot" and send it to 9870807070(it is a google mobile number). This will subscribe to this trafficspot channel. Once you are subscribed, you can send traffic alert messages to everyone(who subscribed) by typing "send trafficspot <your traffic alert message>"  and send it to 9870807070.

Keep your traffic alert message in one of the following format.

  • <Road, Place, City> - traffic <very low/low/normal/high/very high/jam> - <spotted date & time>
  • <Latitude, Longitude> - traffic <very low/low/normal/high/very high/jam> - <spotted date & time>

For example,

  1. Sholapur Highway, Hadapsar, Pune - Traffic Low - 2/10/08 5:10 PM
  2. [18.500264,73.939404] - Traffic Jam - 2/10/08 8:00 PM

If you have any GPS enabled mobile phones, like the ones from Nokia you can spot the latitude/longitude of the place you wish. Hope my SMS channel will become a great and cool service to everyone.

For more info on the SMS service go to


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