Sunday, July 03, 2005

First flight

Recently I had flown from Pune-Bangalore-Pune in a span of 5 days. This was my first flight experience. It was made possible by Spicejet. The cost was quite affordable. Even though two way charge was around RS.5100, I would have saved more than RS.1500 if I had booked a day before. My friends were threatening me about the flight company, since it is a new company and it cannot afford to fly at this rate, it can close at any time. Thanks to my faith, my first flight experience was without any trouble.

Here few moments in the flight were worth sharing. First the takeoff and the other one is of flying over the quiet and pleasant white clouds, which were simply awesome. I have planned to come by spicejet next time too. I decided to take few snaps of these clouds next time. The onboard crew staff were pleasant (looking). Till that time I have seen them only in films and in TV. They gave us cookies and 200ml water bottle which is acceptable considering the ticket price.

I think they would have a decent salary. I just wonder the cost structure of this newcomers in the aviation industry and how they are going to survive in this business. The flight which I travelled was 200 seater Boeing 737-800. The capacity of the flight is 192( 32 * 6) passengers. I felt like travelling in volvo bus. It was so close and short seating capacity, but still comfortable. Anyway we can't deny one thing , only because of them people like me can fly. Otherwise I have to wait till my company will sponsor.

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vignesh said...

are you a student of sona?(I came here through the link in ur mail you sent to sonalug